Swine Peaks The Decline In The Live Pig Market Has Stopped

The Ukrainian market of live pigs of slaughter conditions has stabilized, analysts of a department of the Association of Pig Producers of Ukraine, state.

For two weeks the price for this product has been fixed at 42.5 UAH/kg. Up to this point, prices were growing at 0.25-0.75 UAH/kg. However, the market participants expect that in the first decade of December, live pigs will again begin to add 1-1.5% to the price.

Dynamics of purchase prices for live pigs of the first category, 2018

29 Zhyvok

Analysts note that the average purchase price during November was below the limit mark, after which imports of pork half carcasses from the EU countries become economically justified. It now remains at 43.5 UAH/kg (in terms of live weight).

Earlier we wrote that piglets from the EU cost pig producers twice as cheap as Ukrainian ones. In January-October 2018, Ukrainian farms brought from abroad breeding pigs and commercial piglets for $7.2 million, that is three times more than last year.