Ukraine may soon begin a massive import of red beet. Because of a shortage of this vegetable in the domestic market, the buyers have already begun to look for an alternative abroad, according to the Ukrainian Horticultural Association (UHA).

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian producers, given the lack of supply in the market, as well as the rush demand, continue to actively raise the prices of root vegetables.

Only in a week, beetroot on the Ukrainian market went up by a third. Farmers offer this product at 5.5-7 UAH/kg, depending on the quality, volume of a batch and the region. For comparison, a week ago the prices started at 4 UAH/kg.

Over the last week, the price of beets in the wholesale segment increased by 17% and crossed the limit of 8 UAH/kg.

UHA notes that now beetroot costs twice as much as at the beginning of winter 2017 and is offered by farms at record prices for this period.

Moreover, manufacturers intend to raise prices even more. Some even refuse to sell, waiting for the opportunity to sell products on even more favorable conditions for themselves.

Note that a similar situation this year has developed in the segment of other vegetables of borsch set. First, in September, Ukraine began to import carrots due to its shortage and high prices on the domestic market. And only at the end of October carrots, finally, began to fall in price.

Also, on the onion market, there is a real fever. Price tags for the week added by 20%, and this is not the limit. Now the cost of Ukrainian vegetable has already caught up with the price in Poland. This is increasingly stimulating imports from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan.

However, UHA warns that such a jump may cause a collapse and advises farmers who have put the onions in storage to sell it now.