On exports of walnuts in January-October 2018, Ukraine earned $77.3 million, which is almost 1.8 times more than in the same period last year, east-fruit reports.

Three of the main buyers are Turkey, France, and Greece. Also, in the list of major importers-2018, there were countries that previously almost did not import the walnut kernel, the Czech Republic and Slovenia.

Only Turkey imported from Ukraine 2.6 thousand tons of nuts for $ 9.3 million, for the reporting period, or 5.5 times more than last year. So, it pushed France to second place, which bought $ 8.5 million of kernels.

Greece doubled imports and became the third largest buyer of Ukrainian product. Holland (the fourth one) increased imports by 2.7 times.

Exports to Bulgaria grew by 4.5 times, to Romania it did almost by 7 times. These countries ranked 6th and 11th in the ranking of the largest importers, respectively.

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian nuts were popular in the EU due to good quality and relatively low price. Recently, the supply began to exceed demand, that resulted in a further fall in price.

At the same time, walnut production in Ukraine is showing steady growth. According to USDA estimates, an increase should be expected in 2018/19 MY, to 132 thousand tons. It is predicted that 90 thousand tons of this volume will be sold to foreign markets.