In Ukraine, this week finally began to increase the price of potatoes. The price reached 4 UAH/kg, which is almost 14% higher than a week ago. For the entire last month, this was the most rapid rise in prices and now manufacturers are hoping that the trend will continue.

White cabbage prices have not changed, but remain at 7 UAH/kg and in the middle of the week there was even a slight decrease, but then the price leveled off.

Beetroots went up again. This time the price crossed the border of UAH 8/kg. Today in the wholesale markets you can buy beets from 7.5 to 8.5 UAH/kg. It is about 17% more expensive than a week ago.

As for carrots, on the contrary, there is a decrease in price. In the middle of the week, the price was falling quite actively, then it rose slightly, but in general, by the end of the week, carrots fell by about 2-5%.

The same applies to imported carrots, even though the price for it is significantly different. If the standard domestic unwashed carrots cost 7-8 UAH/kg, then the import is offered stably at 10-11 UAH/kg.

As for the onion, the situation kept producers and processors, who have considerable volumes in storage, in tension. They constantly monitored information on the market and even on Tuesday noticed a drop in prices. And it is quite significant, about 7%. But over the past 2 days there has been a growth trend. At the end of the week, onions even went up by 2%. Today, the domestic vegetable is offered from 11 to 14 UAH/kg, the onion imported from Azerbaijan cost 11-12 UAH/kg.

In the market of greenhouse vegetables mainly the increase in prices was observed.

Imported tomato went up by about 5%, in a week and today it costs 40-42 UAH/kg. Only the price of domestic tomatoes has decreased (these are residues offered by greenhouses) by 25%, compared with the previous week. Ukrainian salad tomato now costs 20-25 UAH/kg.

As for the cucumber, it went up in the week within 2-5% and is sold at 32 UAH/kg.

The price of cauliflower continues to grow. It added the most in price, 52%, and reached 25-35 UAH/kg, depending on quality.

Gilded In Ukraine Potatoes Began To Rise In Price Farmers Expect To Save The Trend

Tetyana Getman, the expert on the horticultural market of Eastern Europe

Based on AgroFM