Ukraine continues to reduce the price of apples. This week, the difference between an extra (premium) apple and an apple of standard quality has become noticeable, and they are widely offered in wholesale markets.

The supply decreased slightly with the arrival of frost, but it did not affect the price. A stable price for extra-quality apples is kept and the price for a standard apple continues to decline. For example, the Golden variety has fallen in price over the last week by 15%, to 5 UAH/kg. In some places, small apples are even sold at 3.5 UAH/kg.

The Ligol variety has not changed in price, but for all the other most popular varieties, the decline was about 10% in the segment of the standard apple. At the same time, the price in the segment of premium quality apples has hardly changed.

Regarding pears, it rose in price again. Now on the market, there is almost no fruit of domestic production. Imported pears are offered at 28-32 UAH/kg, 53% more expensive than a week ago. A slight increase in prices was recorded on the market for the most popular grape  Kishmish today. Its cost was 52-53 UAH/kg, adding 10% over the week.

As for citrus, the situation has not changed much. Mandarin added about 5% to the price. The market is growing supply of expensive products, but the majority of it is the Turkish mandarin at a price of 28-32 UAH/kg.

Prices for an orange have not changed and amount to 30-32 UAH/kg.

Banana prices even fell a little this week, and this is quite an interesting trend because a banana is usually a competitor for an apple.

As of Thursday, the bananas cost almost 21 UAH/kg. By the way, it is almost 30% cheaper than last year.

Tetyana Adamenko, the expert on the horticultural market of Eastern Europe

Based on AgroFM


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