In January-October 2018, Ukrainian farms brought from abroad breeding pigs and commercial piglets for $ 7.2 million, which is three times more than last year, agravery writes.

The activation of imports was due to a favorable price situation. According to Alexandra Bondarskaya, an analyst at the Association of Pig Producers of Ukraine, at the end of October, quotations for commodity piglets in the EU (20-25 kg) fell to a minimum of €33.4 per head. For comparison, to buy the same piglets in Ukraine cost more than € 60.

The analyst explains that the Ukrainian price tags went up after the increase in purchase prices for the live pigs. Due to the limited domestic supply, the prices do not stop going up.

Pig producers note that even in Germany, pigs can be bought a quarter cheaper than in Ukraine.

“The offer of pork products is greater abroad and that puts pressure on their selling price. And we are looking for opportunities to optimize costs,” says Anatoly Grishak, a livestock specialist at the “Adamovka-Agro company”.

Miroslava Chaikovskaya, general director of the “Pan Product”, also draws attention to the limited supply on the domestic market, as well as the quality characteristics of Ukrainian animals. According to her, imported piglets are not only cheaper but also have a high health status and good meat characteristics.

“Despite the transportation, imported piglets are “stronger”, they require less feed, that allows for significant savings,” she adds.

Earlier, AgroDay reported that in the first half of 2018 imports of purebred pigs in Ukraine grew by 50%. The average cost of one imported pig is $957 (26.8 thousand). From this amount, the state reimburses to farmers 5 thousand UAH or 18.7%.