The German company is going to open a mini-plant for processing pesticide containers near Kiev, reports Agroguide, citing Viktor Pogorely, coordinator of the Agrochemical Committee of the European Business Association.

The line will work throughout 2019. Recycled containers will go, for example, to the production of cable sheaths, manholes, and pipes that are not under pressure.

Partially waste can be used in re-production of packaging for pesticides.

The processing company will produce clean products, Pogorely assures: after washing with solutions, plastic becomes 99.9% pure and can be used in various fields. However, food can be stored in it with great restrictions.

Such mini-plants are already operating in Ukraine, though not very effectively. Their main problem is logistics. They need a lot of trucks for the collection of raw materials, and in addition, the lines process not all that these industries collect. A part of the containers is bought by falsifiers, who fill in the original container with fake plant protection products.

“For example, last year a large workshop was found near Kiev, supposedly processing containers,” says Pogorely. “In fact, it was washed and used for falsification.”

As we wrote earlier, unsuitable pesticides will begin to be exported from Ukraine in spring.