For 1 UAH of capital investment in the food industry of Ukraine, 3.08 UAH are invested in agriculture. Such calculations are shared by the Institute of Agrarian Economics.

Last year, this figure was UAH 3.17, but investors still prefer agriculture, said Mykola Kysil, a scientist at the institute.

He refers to official statistics: in January-September 2018, capital investments in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries reached UAH 45.3 billion, or 7.7% more than last year.

But investments in the production of food, beverages and tobacco products amounted to 14.7 billion UAH. Even though, the pace of their growth was higher, at 12.6%.

Kysil predicts that lower growth rates of investment in the agricultural sector will continue until the end of the year. And given the reduction in budget support, then in 2019.

This will cause a negative impact on the growth of the gross domestic product since there is a relation between indicators of capital investment per 1 ha of farmland and gross regional product, the regression coefficient is 0.6, the scientist explains.

Earlier, AgroDay wrote that in 2018, for a UAH 1 of capital investment in agriculture, 2.64 UAH are short-term investments.