Bean Boom The Profitability Of Legumes In Ukraine Fell Three Times

The profitability of legumes in 2018 was 100%, having decreased threefold compared to previous years, reports Agropotal, citing information from market players, which was voiced by Antonina Sklyarenko, President of the Public Association “Community Of Pulse Producers And Customers Of Ukraine” (SPPBU).

This year, prices for legumes have fallen, it has affected the decrease in their production, experts say.

“And today, most manufacturers are thinking about whether to continue to cultivate these crops, because before that the beans provided 300% profitability,” Sklyarenko said. “But I can confidently say that you should not give up on the chosen path since legumes are promising and profitable.”

In her opinion, the past season showed that Ukrainian farmers who grow legumes need to carefully analyze all the trends of the world market for these crops.

Olga Trofimtseva, Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine on European Integration, advises Ukrainian legume producers to use high-quality seeds and to look for foreign investors to be able to build elevators and transport logistics for export.

As we wrote earlier, the expansion of foreign companies in the segment of the cultivation of legumes in Ukraine is inevitable. Today, producers from India and Turkey are already looking in the direction of Ukraine and are ready to compete with our producers on Ukrainian black soil.