The procedure for the physical removal of unsuitable pesticides from Ukraine for disposal may begin in late March-early April of the next year. Victor Pogorely, the coordinator of the agrochemical committee of the European Business Association, shared his expectations on the air of AgroFM.

He recalls that last week the Cabinet of Ministers authorized the disposal of expired chemistry abroad. Now the order must still be amended from the Ministry of Finance.

“As soon as the document is published, we can say that we have a mechanism for disposing of unsuitable pesticides,” says Pogorely.

The specialist says that now in Ukraine there is not a single enterprise left that could take this waste for recycling. Therefore, the only way out is to export to Poland, France, and the UK.

On the territory of the state, there are 12.5 thousand unsuitable pesticides accumulated. Some of them are overdue chemistry of the Soviet Union. The state is responsible for its disposal. Approximately 4 thousand tons are on the balance of business.

Considering that about 100 thousand tons of pesticides are imported or produced annually in Ukraine, then 12.5 thousand tons is not a big figure, especially since they have not been accumulated in a year. But it is still dangerous.

“We may not worry about the part that the business keeps. I am sure that they are stored in specialized warehouses that have a license to handle hazardous waste. It is repackaged and stored further, if necessary” says Pogorely. “But with those pesticides that are on the balance of the state, there is another matter. A lot of them is stored just in the open air. They pollute the water, the soil, people get sick because of them. ”

We recall that until 2015, Ukraine exported unsuitable pesticides to destruction to Germany, Poland, France, and the UK. According to the European Business Association, the total disposal costs in the EU are about 2 thousand euros per ton.