Needle In An Egg An Incubator In Volhynia Vaccinates Chickens At The Embryo Stage

The Agidel company (Volhynia region), which specializes in incubating broiler eggs, begins to vaccinate chickens even at the embryo stage, AgroTimes reports, referring to an interview with Alexey Pevets, chief doctor of veterinary medicine of the “Nashe Ptakhivnytstvo” magazine.

Experts use the “in ovo” method on the 19th day of incubation, when eggs are transferred to hatchers.

“At first, a hole is punctured in the shell from the blunt end of the egg at an angle of 45 degrees with a special needle,” Pevets says, “then the injection needle introduces the vaccine under the germinal coat. After insertion, the needles are cleaned and disinfected in a chlorine solution.”

Before vaccination, the in ovo equipment automatically detects all eggs with live embryos, which is very important because a dead or infected egg can spread the infection through tools.

This method of vaccination provides excellent immune protection against infection by field strains, reduces the degree of damage that is usually caused by vaccination, eliminates human contact with chickens, saves time, which was spent on processing chickens and delivery to the house.