There is no shortage of fruits and berries in the world, there is a shortage of quality products. This opinion was expressed by Andrey Yarmak, an economist at the investment department of FAO at a conference in Moldova, the East-fruit writes.

In his opinion, it is the quality of products that guarantees the stable development of the berry business in the future. And also promotion and marketing.

“In Ukraine this season the price of raspberries was $0.25 per kg. Three years ago, the price reached $2/kg. Why did it happen?” the expert asks. “Every raspberry is different from another”.

The provision of a fresh, tasty, calibrated product in convenient packaging, at a convenient time and place, is just the added value to which the consumer aspires, Yarmak said. The price of such a fresh berry can reach $20, while the frozen one may cost only $1.5.

Now you can supply fresh, high-quality berries anywhere, there is a demand for them all over the world. Shipping by air transport will cost up to $2.

By the way, by the end of 2017, the berries overtook apples in terms of world trade, reaching $11 billion in monetary terms. Yarmak believes that this gap will only be growing in the future. Apples are losing popularity and losing competition to more convenient foods for consumption.

Earlier, AgroDay reported that the raspberry business in Ukraine turned from a niche into a mass one.