Less And Better The Less Grape Yield Is The More Organic Wine They Buy

The low yield of organic grapes is its main value for consumers of organic wine, writes AgroTimes.

According to the criteria of Western European viticulture, the yield of 3 t/ha provides perfect quality raw materials for winemaking.

With organic grape growing vines yield is 30-40% less than with traditional one. In Ukrainian farms producing organic grapes, it reaches 2.5–3 t/ha or 1.5–2 kg from a bush. For comparison: the average yield in ordinary Ukrainian vineyards is 8 t/ha.

Switching them into organic cultivation takes two to three years. Processing, permissible with organics, in this case, must be done more often than in traditional vineyards. After all, the effectiveness of biological products is lower than that of pesticides.

It is necessary to cultivate organic plantations after every rain or fog because the preparations are effective only when they contact with the infectious agent.

In addition, to compensate for the lack of herbicides, you need to cultivate the vineyards often. This significantly increases the cost of production.

As we wrote earlier, if you make wine in an industrial way, you can get a profit in 5-6 years.