In the regional structure of sales, Kyiv residents consume the most wine in Ukraine. According to official statistics, in 6 months of 2018, they bought this drink for more than a billion UAH. In the Kyiv region, people drank wine for 265 million UAH.

Next in the rating for the sale of wines are the Dnipropetrovsk region (299.8 million UAH), Kharkiv (243.3 million UAH) and Lviv regions (233.9 million UAH), shares Anna Gorkun, general director of “Inkerman Ukraine”.

In fact, the consumption of this drink depends on two main factors: the level of the population of a particular region and seasonality. For example, in the summer and winter, Ukrainians buy more wine where they go on holiday.

Gorkun notes that in general in Ukraine, sales of grape wine show growth. For the first half of 2018, it was sold for UAH 3.23 billion, or 12% more than the same indicator in 2017.

“However, sales statistics in national retail networks indicates that the main increase in consumption is due to the growth in sales of low-priced imported wines. At the same time, the volume of sales of Ukrainian wine has remained almost unchanged for several years in a row,” Interfax-Ukraine quotes Gorkun.

That is, the main parameter is the price, not the quality characteristics. And it becomes difficult for Ukrainian producers to convince a customer to buy wine for 130 UAH, even if it is better in quality, the top manager complains.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian parliament equated the excise rate on fruit and berry wines to grape wines, up to 0.01 UAH/l.