Pellets Of Thunder Processing Of Hops Stopped In Ukraine The Last Pellet Mill Failed

The only hop granulating machine in Ukraine installed at the production facilities of “Hopsteiner Ukraine” has failed. This is reported by referring to market participants and information received from the company itself.

Hop producers faced a question, to wait for equipment repair or to redirect the crop for processing to other countries. The latter can significantly raise the prices of hops, which means that brewers will incur additional costs.

The hop granulating machine broke a few months ago, just before getting a new crop. In “Hopsteiner” they say that the damage is serious. How long it will take to repair it is unknown.

Hops can be stored in the non-granulated form, in the refrigerator for 9 months. However, the granulated product does not lose quality much longer, for 1-2 years.

It is specified that the granulated hop of domestic production is usually used by small and medium-sized producers, which occupy about 10% of the beer market. But large companies with foreign capital are buying hops abroad, in Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States and even in Australia.

Of course, it costs 4 or even 5 times more. However, such raw materials are of higher quality, and sometimes irreplaceable, when it comes to specific aromatic varieties that grow only in certain territories.

By the way, “Hopsteiner Ukraine” began to engage in granulation of hops in the Zhytomyr region in 2010. At that time, “Ukrkhmel” also had processing facilities, but in 2012 the company went bankrupt.