On the Ukrainian onion market, there is a real fever. Last week alone, prices for this vegetable increased by 21.1% and finally caught up with the Polish ones ($ 0.41/kg).


The situation is so unpredictable that, having invested money in the onion, dealers just receive 10-20% of additional revenue in a few days. The importers, while they take the vegetable from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan, can also rely on a good salary, writes east-fruit.

The publication analysts say that now only foreign onions are offered in the domestic market. Until recently, the Ukrainian onion was exported to the European Union. But last week, that supplies stopped, our onion has become expensive for the EU.

What stocks of onions domestic producers now have, experts do not dare to evaluate. However, they consider that not everything is so bad and they advise to sell it now, not waiting for the second half of the season.

It is likely that prices will be lower in March-April, the Ukrainian Horticultural Association predicts. At the same time, the current cost of onions allows them to expect for the high profits with minimal storage costs.

Earlier, AgroDay wrote that the onion prices have updated the absolute record. But at last, the carrots start getting cheaper.