Fish Coma Fishermen Did Not Catch 45 Of Fish In The Kiev Reservoir

In 2018, fish producers chose only 55% of the fishing quota in the Kiev Reservoir and 78% in Kanevsky, writes KievVlast, citing the words of Vladimir Mukhin, head of the State Fishery Agency in Kiev and Kiev region.

In the water area of two reservoirs, there are more than 60 field workers. In 2017, they caught in the Kiev Reservoir more than 1.2 thousand tons of fish, in Kanevsky, about 700 tons.

Half of the companies operate in the special mode of commodity-fisheries (STRS), that is, with closed reservoirs on an area of 4.7 thousand hectares. At the same time at the beginning of 2018, they collectively fished 189.6 tons of fish.

The media reports that the stocking of Ukrainian reservoirs is taking place these days. Thus, 500 kg of carp fry and 500 kg of silver carp were released into the Dnipro and Kakhovskoye reservoirs.

As we wrote earlier, the Sea of Azov was left almost without fish, and the situation is only getting worse. Only little gobies are caught there.