Verkhovna Rada equated fruit and berry wines to grape wines and reduced the excise tax on them to 0.01 UAH/l. This tax rate is set for non-sparkling wines with a strength of 1.2-15% by volume of ethanol, said Vladimir Pechko, head of the association Ukrsadvinprom.

“Earlier, they were equated with alcoholic beverages. Because of the “draconian legislation, the industry has become a loss,” Interfax-Ukraine quotes the expert.

Now, considers Pechko, Ukraine has every chance to resume the production of fruit wines.

In addition, together with the latest amendments to the Tax Code, the Parliament attributed the new producers of wine products to the 4th group of single tax payers.

Pechko believes that the development of fruit and berry wine production in the future will help fruit and berry producers to cope with large yields. Like, for example, in 2018, when, due to overproduction, the price of apples fell to 60 kopecks/kg, and the raspberries were sold at 10-12 UAH during the season.

We recall that in the budget for 2019, the Verkhovna Rada increased the amount of support for the horticulture, hop growing and viticulture industries by UAH 100 million, to UAH 400 million.

Earlier, AgroDay reported that Ukraine had simplified the procedure for obtaining licenses for small wineries. It is expected that, among other things, this will contribute to the development of the production of terroir and fruit wines.