Ukraine offers Granny Smith apples for export at $0.25 per kg, and this is the lowest price in Europe, EastFruit reports.

This is one of the most popular apple varieties on the market this season, and its prices are higher than others. And in Ukraine today it is the most expensive variety.

But still, they are much cheaper than in other countries. For example, in Moldova for “Granny Smith” apples, gardeners ask for $0.35 per kg, in Russia, they sell them wholesale at $0.68 per kg. And over the week, the price of this variety grew in Moldova by 20%, in the Russian Federation – by 12.5% and in Ukraine – by 17%.

That is, Ukrainian suppliers are now the most competitive, and market participants predict a further increase in prices for Granny Smith. At the same time, the price perspective of other varieties is still sad: the demand for many of them is much lower than the supply, while the reserves are still record.

Earlier, we reported that because of the large harvest of apples, gardeners have to sell high-quality fruit at prices a decade old.