Flax Ing Flax Exports Decreased 4 Times And Became Minimal Over The Decade

For the first two months of the marketing year 2018/19 (September-October), Ukraine exported the smallest volume of flax in the last ten years, only 2,400 tons.

For comparison, for the same period last season, exports amounted to 9,400 tons, 2016/17 MG – 8,700 tons, writes APK-Inform.

That is, current exports are almost 4 times lower than last year.

The biggest importers of oilseeds in the ongoing season are Bangladesh, which accounts for 16% of shipments, Poland – 15% and Bulgaria – 10%.

In general, at the beginning of 2018/19 MY, 31 countries of the world purchased seeds of Ukrainian oil flax.

Note that the export of flax falls along with the reduction of the area under the crop, and hence the level of production. For example, if in 2017, flax was sown on 47.1 thousand hectares, in 2018 it has been 32.1 thousand hectares.

Next year, the sown area may be reduced by another half, to 25 thousand hectares, predicts Mykola Shkurko, chairman of the board of directors of the Association for the Development of Flax Growing and Hemp Cultivation in Ukraine.

According to him, this leads to the fact that Ukraine is gradually “falling out” of the global flax market.

By the way, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, the area of oilseed sowing in Ukraine is constantly fluctuating. If in 2008 it amounted to 19.1 thousand hectares, then in 2016 it was 67.8 thousand hectares. Now there is a reduction again.