Nontox company has created an organic, non-selective herbicide that claims to be a substitute for the widely used glyphosate. The novelty was presented by the director of the company, John Rivett, at the forum 400 M Ag and Food Innovation in the United States, graincentral reports.

The new product is a non-toxic, mineral-based herbicide. According to the developers, it can kill all the weeds that are currently considered tolerant or resistant to glyphosate.

Rivette does not specify the composition of the minerals of the new herbicide but says that they are widely available.

“Minerals are ground into powder and mixed with water to form a paste. At this time, an exothermic reaction occurs that leads to the release of heat and “juggles” molecules from one compound to another,” he says.

In this case, the manufacturer agrees that over time the company will have to disclose the exact components of the preparation and indicate them on the label. But while the Nontox is receiving a patent for a new mix, they will not do it for sure.

The product has already been tested and showed that it can kill all the weeds on which it was applied. “During research in Australia, a herbicide destroyed 26 glyphosate-tolerant weeds,” Rivette added.

So far the question is whether the use of the preparation will be cost-effective or limited to targeted use.

At the moment, it is produced at the plant in Dubbo (New York), but the company is planning to attract $1.5 million investment to bring manufacturing to industrial.

Earlier, AgroDay reported that in Europe they still want to abandon glyphosate. But in Sri Lanka, on the contrary, the ban was lifted. The exception is for rice.