Like A Movie Bollywood Actor Has Paid Off All Farmers 039 Debts From His Home State

A Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan has paid off all loans of the farmers who live in the southern Indian state Uttar Pradesh, where he was born.

Over 40 million rupees were issued, which roughly corresponds to $ 560 thousand. Thus, Bachchan saved 1,398 of his fellow countrymen from debts, the BBC writes.

As a proof, he published a one-time settlement document in his blog and promised to transfer the confirming papers to the former debtors so that they would not have any difficulties in the future.

Also, the actor invited farmers to a meeting to be held on November 26. And even reserved the train tickets for them, going to Mumbai, where he lives.


Now the 76-year-old Bollywood star says he has a sense of accomplishment.

By the way, the issue of debt is extremely painful for Indian farmers. For decades, agro-production in the country has been suffering from drought, depletion of groundwater levels, decreased productivity and the lack of modernization.

As a result, since 1995 at least 300 thousand farmers have committed suicide.

We also note that Amitabh Bachchan is one of the most popular and most famous actors in India. He starred in more than 190 films, and in recent years he also starred in Hollywood.