Ukraine is among the countries that more than others contribute to the warming up of the planet in the process of climate warming, writes The Guardian, citing a study by the journal Nature Communications.

The Ukrainian attitude to the environment, economic methods, and the economy contribute to the increase in temperature on the planet by the end of the century by 5.1 degrees. At the same time, according to scientists, increasing it higher than 1.5 degrees threatens catastrophic consequences.

Ukraine is among the warmest climate economies together with Russia, Belarus, Turkey, China, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, South Africa, and two dozen more countries.

The United States, Australia, and Brazil are approaching the temperature apocalypse a little less actively: thanks to their activities on Earth, it will only become hotter by 4 degrees Celsius.

Among the economic giants, India has the mildest conditions, it warms up the planet by almost 2 degrees.

At the opposite end of the graph are mostly underdeveloped African countries, where there is no large mass production.

More than the rest, the Earth is getting closer to the heat stroke by China and large exporters of energy who do practically nothing to limit carbon dioxide emissions.

The fuel lobbies in these countries are so strong that their governments are unable to fulfill the agreement on climate commitments, emission reductions that were concluded three years ago in France about the humanity that should not allow the temperature to rise by more than 1.5-2 degrees Celsius.

But countries with high emissions from other spheres of production, in particular from agriculture, like Ukraine, do not lag behind energy monsters.

In Europe, only Switzerland is more or less loyal to the environment, and its temperature will increase by only 1.6 degrees. The rest of the EU countries, despite the fact that the European Union is considered a leader in the introduction of alternative energy, crawled to the level of 3 degrees.

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