Certification of organic production in Ukraine will cost at least 15 thousand UAH. Everything will depend on the size of the farm, its specialization, the type of standards it receives, says Yevgeny Milovanov, Chairman of the Board of the Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, on AgroFM.

But before being certified, it is worth considering whether this will really be a necessary procedure for promoting your product, the expert advises.

“If a small producer has 30 hectares of land and he does not grow any too exclusive products, such as seeds or herbs, then he will find a consumer who will trust him without a certificate,” Milovanov gives an example.

Another thing is when you need to bring sales to the national or international level. It is already a mass production.

The specialist says that now in Ukraine more than 400 kinds of organic products are produced, bakery, dairy products, meat products and much more.

Last year, the market for the consumption of organic products was €29.4 million, with a significant proportion of this being domestically produced products certified by European Union standards.

“A small, but still, growth is expected until the end of this year,” adds Milovanov.

Ukraine will be able to be certified according to its own standards in the 2019th. According to expert expectations, the first such products will appear on the Ukrainian shelves not earlier than next fall.

Earlier, AgroDay wrote that a small producer gave for organic certification 25% of the costs, the exporter took 1%.

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