Export of the Ukrainian raspberries in 2018 failed. Due to overproduction, berry prices were record low, and the efforts to promote the fresh and frozen product to new markets were insufficient. This is the conclusion of the east-fruit analysts.

In July-September 2018, compared to the same period of 2017, exports of raspberries fell by 6%, to 876 thousand tons. Ukrainian companies earned $667 thousand on this amount.

As before, 96% of exports of fresh raspberries, accounted for Poland. The rest was bought by Romania.

Due to the warm weather, it was also possible to export insignificant amounts of berries in October.

Experts note that everything bought by Poland went not to a fresh market, but to refrigeration. Although in the fresh market there are completely different prospects and earnings.

Ukrainian companies negotiated with Canada, Singapore, the United States and even a number of EU countries for the supply of berries for a fresh market. But such trade requires much greater efforts in the field of marketing, packaging, changing approaches to the production itself.

Along with this, even the development of the refining segment in Ukraine is not active enough. The “freezers” were the only, who earned at least something on raspberries. While manufacturers sold high-quality raspberries at 7-11 UAH/kg, without covering production costs, the export price of raspberry freezers did not drop. Moreover, they had a good selection of high-quality berries.

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian exporters of raspberries could take the fourth place in the world.