State support to the agricultural sector in 2019 will amount to 5.9 billion UAH, although it was assumed to be 1 billion UAH more. The relevant draft budget was supported by the Verkhovna Rada.

According to the Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business, a billion hryvnia was equally “de-mined” from the program of supporting livestock farming, storage and processing of agricultural products (for which it was previously assumed 4 billion UAH) and the financial program to support agricultural producers (it was planned to allocate 1.4 billion UAH). The funds will be redirected to the State Regional Development Fund.


This fact was confirmed by the Minister of Finance Oksana Makarova, writes “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“One of the changes that the parliament made yesterday was to redirect UAH 1 billion from agricultural programs to the Regional Development Fund. We want to maximize the involvement of commercial banking infrastructure for the provision of subsidies for agricultural programs, so that banks act as our agents, and not officials choose who to give subsidies for,” Makarova said at a briefing today.

At the same time, support for the development of horticulture, hop growing, viticulture increased by UAH 100 million to UAH 400 million.

The program for supporting livestock farming has also been expanded at the expense of enterprises that are engaged in the storage and processing of agricultural products and aquaculture.

And yet, grain cars and objects related to bioenergy have been added to the list of domestic equipment that falls under the cost compensation program.

By the way, the level of use of funds from the agrarian budget for 2018 p. is not high yet. As of November 16, only 35.8% or 2.3 billion UAH was used. Of these, 29.7 million UAH go to reduce the cost of loans, support for farms is 22.9 million UAH, support for livestock is 1.7 billion UAH, compensation for the purchase of agricultural equipment is 420.3 million UAH, gardening gets 101 million UAH.