Ukraine has all the conditions for brewing beer, including its own raw materials. But for high-quality imported ingredients, manufacturers have to pay three or even five times. This affects the price of the final product.

“For example, if domestic production malt costs 13 thousand UAH per ton, then German malt of the same variety costs 32 thousand UAH per ton, and foreign hops is 4-5 times more expensive,” agroportal is citing Igor Kysil, the top manager of the brewery “Umanpyvo”.

He notes that beer enterprises import hops mostly from Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States and even from Australia. This ingredient is no substitute for beer, especially when it comes to specific aromatic varieties that grow only in certain areas.

The rest of the beer ingredients can be of the own, Ukrainian production.

Kysil also notes that nowadays in Ukraine, as in the rest of the world, there has been a demand for craft beer and drinks from local producers in certain regions.

“First, most small and medium breweries have the best raw materials, and therefore the best quality,” he explains. “And since production volumes are small, it is easier to control every stage of production, to trace the quality of the implementation of technological processes.

By the way, while local producers occupy only 7-8% of the beer market of Ukraine. The remaining 90% is accounted for by industrial enterprises.