The Shawshank Redemption Rostok Holding Takes Out The Arrested Grain To The Myronivsky Plant For Manufacturing Groats And Feeds
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From the Glukhovsky elevator “Rostok Holding” to the Mironivsky plant for manufacturing groats and feeds, grain, arrested during investigative actions, was illegally exported. This was announced by the lawyer Mikhail Velichkovich, representing the interests of the injured party.

As the lawyer said, “the protection of the seized property is carried out by the State Security Service, which is part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The exportation of trucks loaded with seized grain was possible due to the blocking of patrols of the State Security Service by unidentified persons.”

Velichkovich also added that “the management of Rostok Holding, organizing the export and embezzlement of the arrested grain, deliberately puts at risk all those involved in these illegal activities, ranging from elevator workers, grain truck drivers, to buyers of such grain. In fact, the management of the Mironivsky plant for manufacturing groats and feeds is directly involved in the theft of arrested grain together with Rostok Holding.

The lawyer drew attention to the fact that “the legislation of Ukraine provides for criminal liability for embezzlement, alienation, concealment of property or other illegal actions with the property that is under arrest or listed, or violation of the restriction of the right to use such property by a person entrusted with this property “. Such actions are punishable by a prison sentence for up to two years, with the deprivation of the right to hold senior positions for up to three years.

As the media wrote earlier, on November 16, law enforcement agencies as part of the criminal investigation into the fraudulent activities of the owners of Rostok Holding conducted inspections, sanctioned by the court at grain elevators belonging to the agricultural company. According to the results of investigative actions, the grain belonging to Rostok Holding enterprises stored at the grain warehouses of the agricultural holding in Glukhov and Novgorod-Siversky was listed, confiscated and transferred for safekeeping to elevator managers. The grain stored at the indicated elevators can neither be sold nor exported.

As previously reported by the media, the Court of Appeal of the Kharkiv Region confirmed the validity and legitimacy of the arrest imposed by the investigative judge of the Kharkiv District Court of the Kharkiv Region on grain, real estate and corporate rights of Rostok Holding enterprises, taking into account the evidence gathered about the crime. Persons involved in the criminal case are the co-owners of the Rostok Holding, Viktor Kupavtsev and Viktor Kiyanovsky.