From December to October 2018, Ukrainian companies exported only 13 thousand tons of tomatoes. This was the lowest rate, at least, in the last 5 years, Info-Shuvar writes.

But imports increased to 48 thousand tons or 1.7 times, mainly due to a significant increase in shipments in April and May.

Currently, the majority of Ukrainian plants have already completed the season of selling tomatoes. Greenhouses offer the leftover products at 20-27 UAH/kg (0.63-0.85 €/kg) depending on quality. Instead of the prices, the supply of imported tomato from Turkey and Poland is increasing daily on the market, to 30-35 UAH/kg (0.95-1.1 €/kg).

For comparison, in neighboring Poland, on the wholesale market “Bronisze” in Warsaw, the current price for greenhouse tomatoes is 0.88-0.95 €/kg.

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine there was a shortage of tomatoes. Analysts attribute this to the off-season at domestic plants.