Goby Ing There Is Almost No Fish Left In The Sea Of Azov They Are Fishing The Rest Of Little Gobies

The Sea of Azov remained almost without fish, and the situation is only getting worse. Elena Sidorenko, director of the research institute “Derzhvodekologiya”, professor of the Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics told about this on the air of AgroFM. 

“The only wild sea fish left Ukraine is basically goby. But even this fish is now in danger. As the whole Sea of Azov,” she says. “Pseudoscientific fishery is held there under the control of the State Fishery Agency. Even small gobies are caught. ”

But the catch of small fish is prohibited at the legislative level. “If you caught such a goby, you should move a mile to further catch. In practice, the lower holds are stuffed with the small size fish, and only then, the ship moves to a new location,” says Sidorenko.

She recalls that in the past the Sea of Azov had a strong forage base, there were huge stocks of fish, including sturgeon. But sturgeon has long been destroyed. And given that the catch quotas continue to distribute, goby is the next to be destroyed.

Fish processing plants in that area are experiencing an acute shortage of raw materials. In order to load their capacities, they begin to breed a catfish in barrels or other fish for themselves.

We note, according to specialists, the Sea of Azov could still restore its potential. For this, they have to ban fishing for at least 5 years.

According to the State Fisheries Agency, in the first half of 2018, the catch of all aquatic biological resources in the Sea of Azov compared to the same period last year was halved and amounted to 5.6 thousand tons.