Today in Ukraine, even in artesian wells, water is not drinkable, GolosUA writes, citing the words of Vladimir Boreyko, head of the Kiev Ecological and Cultural Center.

Water has lost drinking status due to pollution, the ecologist claims. “This is primarily due to climate change,” he says. “It is hot in summer, small and medium rivers dry. Foresters cut down huge areas of forests that grow along rivers and preserve their water content. Without forests, the rivers dry. Also, the enterprises pollute rivers, and no one controls them.”

In the Dnipro river, the drinkable water remained only in the upper part. According to Boreyko, water from small rivers, reservoirs, wells, and artesian wells cannot be drunk.

“As a result, Ukrainians are sick, using poor-quality water,” adds the ecologist. “And sick children are born in the country.”

In his opinion, in order to improve the quality of water, it is necessary to cancel the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, which prohibits inspections of economic entities that pollute air and water.