Near Odessa, law enforcement officers detained a barge of the “Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company”, on which they found 5 million packs of smuggled cigarettes, “Dumskaya” reports.

They did it by chance, after the tugboat “Parallel”, which belonged to Izmail and pulling a barge from Kherson to Bulgaria, got сaught in a heavy storm.

Further following the course became dangerous for the life of the crew. Then the sailors unhooked the barge and gave the SOS signal. They were saved by a passing tanker “Arcadia”.

What happened to the tug then, is unknown, but the barge with the surviving cargo washed ashore in the area of Chernomorka. The ship was taken under the protection of the border guards.

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They found 10 thousand boxes with 500 packs of cigarettes in each box. This barge “UDP-DM-2309-UDP” comes across with smuggled tobacco, not for the first time. In July 2017, it was detained in Nikolaev at the moment when over 1 million packs were loaded onto it from the Hermes motor ship. Later, the arrest of the vessel was removed.

As we reported earlier, Viktor Berestenko, a fighter against smuggling, tried to transfer 600 thousand packs of fake cigarettes from Odessa to Israel.