In Ukraine, prices for cabbage began to go down. Even in supermarkets of the capital, price tags did not rise above 4.5-5 UAH/kg, and the wholesale batches were sold at UAH 3, agroportal writes.

This trend is confirmed by market experts. However, they indicate a higher price, up to 5.5-6 UAH/kg for the highest quality cabbage in the wholesale. According to Tatiana Getman, the analyst of the horticultural market, over the past week, prices for cabbage have lost 5%. She told about this on the air of the radio AgroFM.

Earlier, a decrease of almost 11.4% was also observed.

You can hope for a more reasonable price in January-February. In addition to the seasonal price increase, manufacturers can count on exports, by the time. For example, in the European Union, where most countries suffered from drought this year.

It is noted that the quality indicators of Ukrainian cabbage are high enough in order to meet the needs of European buyers.

Belarus has also been interested in imports, in the last few years. There, the price tags now reach 9-9.6 UAH/kg, which makes the Belarusian market more and more attractive for Ukrainian exporters.

Earlier, AgroDay reported that Poland was making plans to import cabbage from Ukraine.

The reason was a sharp jump in prices for local cabbage in the country. Now they are 3.5 times higher than the year before. For processors, the price varies between 0.16-0.21 €/kg, and the fresh market price is 0.21-0.30 € / kg. This is a record for Poland in the last 10 years.