The high level of plum prices in Ukraine provokes imports to meet the needs of the domestic market.

In Moldova, for example, the wholesale prices for plums are now 8-10 times lower than in Ukraine, and on average are $0.24 per kilogram. And in the refrigerators, the reserves are also quite large, east-fruit writes.

Much cheaper than in Ukraine, they sell stone fruit in Georgia and Tajikistan, at $0.55 per kg and $0.37 per kg, respectively. Even in Russia, plum prices, mostly imported, are now at $1.29, analysts say.

In Ukraine, plum prices only doubled last week, to $2.0/kg. Even though, during the harvesting period, the demand for this product was low. The supplies to the European Union were also much lower than manufacturers had predicted.

Experts explain the high prices for plums in Ukraine by imperfect storage technologies. The fruits are placed in the refrigerator only for cooling, not for a long time.

For comparison, in Moldova, gardeners have long mastered the technology of long-term storage of the harvest, so they have much more opportunities to earn out-of-season.

We recall, that last year, Ukrainian manufacturers supplied a record volume of plums to foreign markets, by $6 million UAH, which is 7.7 times more than in 2016.

Earlier it was reported that, despite the significant reduction in prices for Ukrainian plums, it was 10-20% more expensive compared to the Polish summer.