In Ukraine, there is a shortage of tomatoes, Ukrainian Horticultural Association writes, citing the opinion of wholesale buyers.

Analysts explain the shortage of tomatoes in the market by the off-season at Ukrainian farms. Most of them have finished selling tomatoes of the current season, only some farms are still selling the last batches from greenhouses.

However, purchasers have not yet succeeded to compensate for this essentially annual shortage of local tomatoes with Turkish ones, as usual. This time, imports from this country are unstable and volumes are small.

The lack of vegetables immediately provoked a sharp jump in prices. Today, residual lots are sold wholesale at 35-38 UAH/kg, and prices for substandard tomatoes start from 24 UAH/kg. Only in the last week, Ukrainian tomatoes have risen in price by almost 20%.

And in the second half of November compared with the same moment of 2017, prices rose by 40%. However, from the next week, market players are expecting a rise in Turkish imports, which means that the tomato market will stabilize.

As we wrote earlier, Spain has reduced the supply of tomatoes due to heavy rains and snowfall. As a result, there was a shortage in the European market, and this will lead to the inevitable rise in the price of tomatoes in Ukraine.