Bullish Trend Farmers Have Stopped Slaughtering Suckling Bulls And Are Now Quot Fighting Quot For Their Livestock

To date, there is no more attractive investment in Ukrainian agriculture, than an investment in fattening and slaughtering bulls for the further export of chilled beef. Andriy Yarmak, an economist of the investment department of FAO, told about this in the video interview with ProgFarm TV.

“We have no problems with the sale of such products for export. Many countries ask us to start the procedure for opening their markets because they have a shortage of suppliers,” says Yarmak.

For example, Ukraine has a huge potential in Southeast Asia. But the market can not be so far away.

“If we take -5-7% of the MENA market (of the Arab world), we will completely sell all our bulls,” Yarmak notes.

Now the Arab world buys beef from Argentina, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, that is, they have to transport products at a distance of 9000 km. At this point, Ukraine has a huge logistical advantage and can export chilled meat directly in container lots.

There are all the conditions needed for the production, in Ukraine, we have a lot of feed that is the cheapest in the world.

Yarmak points out that after the farmers saw a perspective in this direction, they stopped slaughtering suckling bulls. “Now no one slaughters them. There is practically a “fight” for the bulls,” the specialist says.

And the price of live weight rose from $1.1 to $1.5/kg. For comparison, for the chilled meat of bulls, fed to the minimum condition, in terms of live weight, you can get $3.2-3.5/kg.

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