Climatic conditions and water resources allow growing more than 100 thousand hectares of rice in Ukraine. However, only 13 thousand hectares are actually sown. Vladimir Dudchenko, director of Rice Research Institute UAAS, says about this in his blog at iAgro.

According to his estimates, domestic production of rice is now enough to satisfy a third of consumption. This crop is sowed in the Kherson and Odessa regions, and there is already an interest to cultivate it among the farmers of the Poltava and Dnipropetrovsk regions. They allocate for this purpose fish ponds, which in their structure are similar to rice bays.

Now in Ukraine, there are 30 thousand hectares of rice irrigation systems, about 30 enterprises are engaged in the production. But there could be much more, Dudchenko believes. Especially considering that the profitability of growing this crop in recent years is 100%.

“Rice growers are spoiled for such good performance. And if profitability is less than 100%, they say that next year they will not sow rice,” says the scientist.

He tells that the cost of one tonne of raw rice, depending on the yield, now ranges from 4-5 thousand UAH. The output of cereals during processing is up to 65%, therefore, its cost price is 8-8.5 UAH/kg.

With a selling price of about 14 UAH/kg, the expert estimates the profitability of cereal production within 75%.

That is, the cultivation of rice, as the processing of cereals, is quite a promising direction of production. However, in 2019, significant fluctuations in the acreage of rice is not predicted. It is unlikely that more than 12.5 thousand hectares will be planted, Dudchenko sums up.

Earlier it was reported that rice and nuts are becoming an excellent alternative to watermelons and tomatoes, in the south of Ukraine.