In the south of Ukraine, Zizyphus jujuba or Chinese date is successfully cultivated. There are plantings at the Kherson Agrarian University, as well as in the experimental farm Novokakhovskoye of the Rice Research Institute at Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences (UAAS), Agro-Yug reports.

Ivan Mrinsky, Dean of the Faculty of Agronomy of the KhAU, says that the plants are quite productive and do not need to be treated with protective equipment.

Trees start growing late – after the 20th of May, so spring frosts do not damage them. Bloom in June, quite long.

Due to the late growing season it may seem that the plant did not stick. But such a conclusion should be made not earlier than the end of May-beginning of June, Mrinsky advises.

To make it easier to harvest, the tree should be cut, do not let the branches up. “And for it, there is no problem where to grow. It’s not picky,” adds the agronomist.

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Jujuba seedlings are best to be planted in early spring. If they are purchased in the fall, experts advise to keep them in a temporary container during the winter, planted into wet sand or soil. During the autumn planting, almost the entire above-ground part can freeze out.

The price of jujube seedlings in Ukraine ranges from 70 to 350 UAH, depending on the age of the tree. Fruits are also expensive to sell: a kilogram of dried Zizyphus costs 250 UAH, dried – 90 UAH. And dried leaves are offered at 65 UAH per 50 grams.