Ukraine can turn from the importer of table grapes into its exporter. Already now, as other segments of the fruit and vegetable business are saturated, there is an increase in grape production, and with it, imports are declining.

The East-fruit analysts state that from August to October 2018, compared to the same period last year, Ukraine reduced grape imports by 20%. Even though, the prices offered by importers were very attractive.

The growing demand for seedlings of table grapes also testifies to the prospects for growth in own production.

However, experts note that there are very few really promising and modern varieties in the national registry, which does not allow the industry to develop more actively.

Yet, lower prices for apples and berries stimulate farmers to look for alternatives. And they are increasingly paying attention to table grapes, especially in the southern regions. Gardeners also actively visit Moldova, learning their experience of cultivation, packaging, and storage of grapes.

Considering that Moldova exports about 80 thousand tons of grapes per year, the prospects for Ukraine look quite optimistic, concludes the publication.

Earlier it was reported that farmers in the south of Ukraine learned how to effectively irrigate vineyards in drought conditions.