Since the beginning of 2018, imports of dairy products in Ukraine grew by 51%, Latifundist reports, citing the words of Vadim Chagarovsky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “Union of Dairy Enterprises of Ukraine”.

According to his calculations, imports increased mainly due to an increase in purchases of cheese. The volume of its import increased by 45%.

The growth of consumption of imported cheeses in Ukraine, Chagarovsky believes, was made possible thanks to an increase in the purchasing power of Ukrainians, while it, in turn, increased due to an increase in their shadow incomes.

Earlier, we wrote that, at the end of 2017, Ukraine imported 10 thousand tons of cheese. Moreover, this figure is growing from year to year, and in 2019-2020, the country will return to the level of imports of rennet cheese at about 11 thousand tons.

This will amount to 15-20% of the market and will be a big challenge for Ukrainian producers, because the prices for domestic cheese have already approached imported ones, and sometimes they are even higher.

Recently, Ukrainian cheese manufacturers have even begun to abandon the massive sales of the product. They were “inspired” by not only the growth of orders from retail chains in early autumn but also by the fall of the hryvnia.

Ukrainian companies hoped that due to this they would be able to earn more on exports and that the devaluation of the national currency would decrease the import of foreign cheeses.