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It is believed that in GM products are not harmful, because it is not proven. But I think, it does not mean that they can be used. After all, the benefits of them are neither proven.

This is the basis of the European legislation, as opposed to North American and South American legislation, which states that if they are not proven to be harmful, then they can be used.

My opinion is: if we do not know whether this is good or bad, then at least everyone should have the right to choose whether one is ready to risk, experiment with his own health or not.

After all, we are only at the very beginning of the use of such products, and we do not know what the consequences may be. Therefore, the question of what to do with this remains open, and then scientists will give us more information to make decisions.

It is believed that growing GM varieties of crops are cheaper because you need to invest less in the fight against weeds and pests. But in Ukraine, it turns out the opposite. Since most GM planting material is illegal, then the question of its effectiveness is controversial.

The fact that we get a low average yield in Ukraine, even using GMOs, is probably due to the fact that the farmer takes the cheapest seed. In this case, the best productivity is 2 t/hectare. For those seeds that can be bought officially, European or Canadian, it is 3-4 t/ha. And the Serbian genetics showed 5.6 t/ha.

Our farmers buy illegal material because it is cheaper and easier for them. As for the fraud, this is a problem of the irresponsibility of our manufacturers.

Farmers may not know that their seeds are GM if they buy them for cash from questionable distributors.

The issue of the country’s image is also important here. Because the gray market is a disrespect for intellectual property.

After all, there is an official genetics of the Ukrainian production, and sometimes it shows the results almost at the European level. It is worth buying and worth working with. The fact that it is little known is the problem of weak marketing.

Revealed Genes In Store Products Gm Soy Is No Less Than In The Fields P 2Oksana Prosolenko, Head of the Regional Representative Office of the “Donau Soja” Association in Ukraine

Source: Agro FM