The farm “VERKH” (Lviv region) has issued the first in Ukraine “meat” agrarian receipt.

Now the company specializes in breeding cattle, it grows 36 heads of cattle and has 33 hectares of land under pastures. Due to attracted funds, its activities will expand to meat processing, informs the National Press Club “Ukrainian Perspective”.

“For now, I’m working without profit. I invest everything in development and buy more livestock. I plan to reach 100 breeding heads in approximately three years,” says farm manager Stepan Stelmakh.

In his opinion, to attract funds against receipt was a profitable decision. The loan is granted for 5 years on preferential terms: only 5% per annum is charged. In the first year, only interest is paid.

All the cattle are insured by Stelmach. This was a prerequisite for obtaining a loan for meat production, although it extended the period for issuing a receipt.

The peculiarity of the receipt was the fact that the loan was issued at the expense of budget funds under the program of support and development of agro-industrial production.

The loan amount is not indicated, but there is a clarification that the program of the farmer can get up to 500 thousand tons.

In general, as of November 12, in Ukraine, 712 agricultural receipts were issued for 4.4 billion UAH. Among them, 298 are commodity receipts and 414 are financial ones. The cost of the first is more than 2.5 billion UAH, the second costs more than 1.9 billion UAH.

Earlier, AgroDay reported that the first agrarian receipt for services was issued at the Vinnytsia region. It was signed by the company Organic-D, which grows carrots and other vegetables.