In 2019, a specialized elevator for amaranth will appear near Nikolayev, Elevatorist reports, citing the words of Andrei Shvedov, director of “SPC Amaranth”, which is engaged in grain processing.

The fact that domestic manufacturers of amaranth do not have such elevators, Shvedov calls a big problem. Amaranth can not be dried using electricity or infrared rays, in addition, it does not tolerate drying temperatures above 40 °C.

According to the expert, a territory has already been chosen for a special amaranth elevator, and an investor has been found for this project, to whom a commercial offer is already being formed.

As we wrote earlier, the implementation of the amaranth processing project will require €4 million. Most of the expenses – 40% – will go to equipment, another 37% to purchase raw materials. About 13% of the costs will take production premises.