The cameras installed at the enterprises of the Myronivsky Hliboproduct record the emotions of the employees, Fixygen reports, citing the words of the owner of the agricultural holding Yuriy Kosiuk, which he said at the forum “Conductors of Changes”.

“Everyone is under the cameras,” he says. “We monitor and calibrate emotions by 70 points.”

According to Kosiuk, research has proven that happy people work more efficiently. To increase the cheerfulness of employees, psychologists work with them. But if psychologists do not help, then sad people are, unfortunately, fired.

In addition, Kosiuk’s cameras also monitor employee’s weight. One of them showed that one employee working in a high position began to gain weight. This means he is lazy, the head of the company is sure. Especially since in the conversation, this employee admitted that “food was the only thing that made him happy”.

However, such a “happy” person “MHP” does not fit in MHP: they say, he is demotivated and takes the place of someone else who would achieve more.

“Sorry for such experiments,” Kosyuk summarized his case. “But test it on yourself.”

He considers personnel decisions the key ones in the development of his company and admits to several managerial mistakes when he did not change people, who could not cope with their duties, on time.

According to the owner of MHP, their experience shows that there will always be a candidate for any position in their company who will do this job better.

Earlier we reported that MHP ceased to be a public enterprise. Also, the holding and its owner were included in the list of economic sanctions of the Russian Federation.