Revealed Genes In Store Products Gm Soy Is No Less Than In The Fields

As European studies have proved, 48% of all soybeans grown in Ukraine are genetically modified. What does it mean and what could be the consequences?

This share is essentially a gray market. There is no official ban on growing GMOs in Ukraine, but all GM lines must be registered.

But, there is no such valid registration in Ukraine. That is, all that is grown in the fields as GM soybeans is the illegal circulation of seeds.

How do they get here? It is a question not only to the customs, but also to the system of circulation of seed, as well as finished products, and to market operators. They say there are enough loopholes to bring in the seeds.

The goal of the study, which revealed this 48 %, was not to catch individual companies that grow GM products but to start a new countdown in relation to this problem.

Moreover, our Romanian partners who did the research do not disclose information about the owners of the fields. This is considered to be confidential information.

But there is no official request from the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies to conduct inspections and hearings on this issue.

They can not do anything but just take this information into account. What to do next is not clear.

If we have such a lot of GMOs in the fields, then theoretically it should be on the shelf, we reasoned. Therefore, I, as an ordinary person, took several samples of finished products and gave them to the examination.

The results are disappointing: the number of GMOs in the stores is no less. It is not marked in accordance with applicable law. Including baby and dietary products.

The saddest thing is that the uncontrolled turnover of objects of special regulation. All these products are subject to mandatory labeling, but it was not on the products.

And even those products on which there is a marker “No GMO”, are questionable, as for me.

Therefore, at home in my fridge, I, unfortunately, keep only European-made food.

I filed a complaint about the products I discovered, attaching test results. Let us see, what happens next.

But will it work? After all, according to our legislation, for the cultivation of soybean GMOs the fine is 1700 UAH.

Next year, the moratorium on conducting business inspections will be lifted by the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection. But during its operation, we completely lost the control system along the entire chain, from growing to the finished product on the shelf.

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Revealed Genes In Store Products Gm Soy Is No Less Than In The FieldsOksana Prosolenko, Head of the Regional Representative Office of the “Donau Soja” Association in Ukraine

Source: Agro FM