Pumped Cob One Hectare Of Sweet Corn Can Give 100 Thousand Uah Of Profit

Per hectare of sweet corn, you can earn up to 100 thousand UAH of net profit. This requires a balanced marketing strategy and a well-calculated harvesting conveyor writes the magazine “Fruits and Vegetables”.

To ensure a long harvest period, farmers sow several hybrids of different ripening periods at once, early, middle and late. Or one hybrid every few weeks. Due to this, a fresh crop can be obtained within a few months.

However, sweet corn requires a lot of manual labor, both in the process of the collection and during sorting. Market participants believe that this is the main limiting factor for the development of production. Therefore, the niche is occupied mainly by small farmers, who generally sow about 6 thousand hectares.

There are also other technological nuances. For example, the temperature of the cobs when harvesting should not exceed 15 degrees, so it is better to crack them at night or in the morning.

You can sell sweet corn fresh, frozen, boiled or canned. Distribution channels are the wholesale markets, catering establishments, hotels. You can also arrange direct deliveries to vegetable stores.

Manufacturers themselves point out that the profit from direct sales is much higher than from wholesale trade. But this increases the frequency of shipments of products.

In general, at the start and at the end of the season, prices for a cob of fresh corn are 8-10 UAH, non-standard or defective ones are sold for 2-3 UAH. And at the height of the season, the wholesale prices fall to 2-2.5 UAH for one cob.

Earlier it was reported that the importing countries were ready to take hundreds of tons of the Ukrainian sweet corn.