Salad business in Ukraine is profitable but unpredictable. One year greens can be sold at 50 UAH/kg, the next year price drops significantly. Olga Shkribyak, who has been involved in this business for 6 years, together with her husband, told about this in an interview for Agravery.

According to her observations, the domestic greenery market is quite close. Producers are not always successfully engaged in the promotion, and consumers do not understand the benefits of Ukrainian-made salads and buy imported greens, considering that it is better.

“Our greens are popular until cheap imports come in,” says the farmer. ‘Today, the product may be much in demand, and the next day the import batch comes, and they call us and say that the greens grown by us are no longer needed. The small producer has no protection from the situation like this.”

Last year, due to this situation, she had to destroy 10 tons of Iceberg lettuce.

Pricing is also different from year to year, Shkribyak says. If last year salads were selling for 50-60 UAH/kg, then in the current season one of the buyers has offered 15 UAH/kg. At the same time, the prime cost of salads is at least 10 UAH/kg.

There is also a shortage of labor. For example, for 2 hectares of land, you need at least 3-4 employees. In fact, this year they have been working two together with her husband, Shkribyak adds.

We remind that earlier it was reported that in Ukraine it was difficult to establish effective production of lettuce because during the season (from April to frost) the price for it can fluctuate by 3-4 times.

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