From January to September, Ukraine increased the import of agrarian products by almost 21% to $4 billion compared with the same period in 2017, UNIAN reports, citing Nikolai Pugachev, deputy director of the National Scientific Center “Institute of Agrarian Economics”.

According to expert estimates, the countries of the European Union became the main importers to Ukraine. Their share is about 50%, the Asian countries (19%) and Latin America (7.6%).

Among individual countries, most of the goods imported to Ukraine were from Poland ($402 million), Germany ($366 million), France ($185 million), Italy ($184 million) and the Netherlands ($160 million).

The commodity structure of food imports has remained unchanged for several years, Pugachev emphasizes, and the cost of all goods, except tobacco, is increasing.

Fish and seafood ($371 million) make a significant share in all the imports and mostly it is frozen fish ($239 million). At the second place of the import rating are fruits, among which are citrus and bananas ($319 million).

Next comes the agricultural raw material: sunflower seeds ($214), corn ($114), vegetable oil ($167), ethyl alcohol ($153 million). All other food products that have a relatively insignificant amount ($292 million).

However, all the products, mentioned above, make up less than half of all agricultural imports to Ukraine.