The profitability of sales of the newly established enterprise, engaged in the production of vegetable milk, would be 17.4%. That is, each dollar of income would bring 17 cents of net profit, according to calculations by analysts of Pro-Consulting.

For such a business in Ukraine, there is an adequate resource base. And the use of high-quality technologies, equipment, and low cost will allow selling vegetable milk both domestically and for export.

The company notes that such an enterprise would be able to produce soy milk, almond milk, sesame, rice, hemp milk, and even milk, made of sunflower seeds or hazelnut.

The technological scheme will be the same: first soaking, then grinding, homogenization, and finally pasteurization.

Since vegetable milk is a good nutrient medium for developing probiotic microorganisms, it is possible to make yogurts and ice cream on its basis, which are also in great demand among the target audience of customers.

Earlier, AgroDay wrote that, for example, the production of tofu cheese from the soy milk would pay off in six months. Investments in the equipment to process half a ton of raw materials per hour would amount to €25 thousand.