Prices for cucumbers in the networks of Ukrainian supermarkets reached a record of 38-40 UAH/kg, while the supply decreases, according to Agravery, referring to experts at FreshBot. They explain this by the start of cucumber imports to Ukraine.

In Belarus and Poland, the seasonal trend is the same, but prices are significantly higher. In terms of the hryvnia, respectively, 54-59 UAH/kg and 45-47 UAH/kg.

Most European countries import cucumbers from Spain, which is just dumping on the domestic market. In local supermarkets, cucumbers cost 17-22 UAH/kg.

Ukraine exported cucumbers only to Belarus and some to the Baltic countries. To enter the EU, domestic producers need modern technologies for growing, processing and packaging vegetables.

Germany and England, for example, are ready to buy cucumbers at a price of up to 55-63 UAH/kg. This is due to the dependence of these countries on cucumber imports, FreshBot analysts say.

According to media reports, cucumbers went up in price twice in Ukraine in a week, and today they cost twice as much as at the same time in 2017. Experts explain this by the rapid end of summer stocks and the steadily growing demand for vegetables.